[QGIS-Developer] "Actions" menu in feature forms

Andreas Neumann a.neumann at carto.net
Thu May 17 10:05:12 PDT 2018

Hi Alessandro, 

Originally, there was the idea to introduce a menu that lists more than
just actions. See https://issues.qgis.org/issues/10288 

e.g. also to list derived information based on a feature (same
information that is also available in the panel of the info tool. 

I am sure that other people would find other ideas to extend this menu. 

But I agree with you, that an empty menu is not so nice. Would you
suggest hiding the menu if nothing is in there? 

Anyway - i don't think it is a major problem - either way. We have other
more ugly things ... UI-wise. 


On 2018-05-17 18:55, Alessandro Pasotti wrote:

> On Thu, May 17, 2018 at 6:49 PM, Andreas Neumann <a.neumann at carto.net> wrote:
>> Hi Alessandro, 
>> If you had any "Actions" defined on the layer, this menu would list all assigned actions and you could start them from there.
> Thanks for your answer Andreas! 
> This is a nice feature, but I don't think it's a good UX/UI to have a menu which is empty by default. 
> What do you think? 
> Andreas
> On 2018-05-17 18:43, Alessandro Pasotti wrote: 
> In current master there is an empty "Actions" menu in the forms. 
> What is it?

Alessandro Pasotti
w3:   www.itopen.it [1] 


[1] http://www.itopen.it
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