[QGIS-Developer] Trying to upstream fixes for libdxfrw

Jürgen E. Fischer jef at norbit.de
Wed May 23 07:28:03 PDT 2018

Hi Vittorio,

On Wed, 23. May 2018 at 15:31:44 +0200, Vittorio Carlo Alfieri wrote:
> While these changes are good, unfortunately, (for me at least), all these
> I humbly request, if available and not available online somewhere, a copy
> of the git repository used to develop libdxfrw up to the point where it was
> introduced in Qgis in 2016 so that I may continue to bisect the code and
> find the fix for the DWG that I can't open outside of Qgis.

You're looking for https://github.com/jef-n/QGIS/commits/dwg-import ?

> P.S. If the original git repository is still available it would be great if
> placed on Github and possibly even used as a submodule within qgis itself
> so as to have the same git tree as upstream for libdxfrw. This would
> greatly increase harmonization of source code between the various forks of
> libdxfrw and de-duplicate much effort for all parties! I would be willing
> to help implement this for you guys if so desired.

Isn't libdxfrw dead?


is what I started from and it's still the latest commit...


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