[QGIS-Developer] QgsLayout returns different types on different platforms

Adam Borczyk adam.borczyk at gis-support.pl
Fri May 25 10:51:38 PDT 2018

Hi all,
Using PyQGIS I load a layout .qpt file, then I access items in the
composition. I do it using

        document = QDomDocument()
        document.setContent(content) # content is .qpt file content
        composition = QgsPrintLayout( QgsProject.instance() )
        composition.loadFromTemplate( document, QgsReadWriteContext() )

        map_item = composition.itemById('main_map')

Now map_item is of type QgsLayoutItemMap while I'm on Ubuntu, but it is
QgsLayoutItem when I use Windows and therefore I receive an error
(QgsLayoutItem does not have setExtent method). Does anybody have an idea
why this happens?

Ubuntu 16.04 x64 + QGIS 3.0.2 with Python 3.5.2 installed last week
Windows 7 x64 + QGIS 3.0.3 with Python 3.6.0 (fresh now from OSGeo

Best regards
Adam Borczyk
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