[QGIS-Developer] Thoughts on using processing models for ETL tasks

johnrobot johnrobot at gmail.com
Mon May 28 03:11:45 PDT 2018

I have started looking at using the processing model builder in QGIS 3.0.3
for ETL tasks. A few initial thoughts:

- I would like to be able to resize resize model components, for example to
be able to see the full name of a component.
- Add support for copy/paste of components. If I have spent a few minutes or
more on configuring a algorithm and need an additional copy of it in the
model, copy/paste of the component would save me time.
- Add support for selecting multiple model components by drawing a box.
Also, Ctrl + A should select all components.
- Improved support for undo/redo.
- Add support for grouping components. Different parts of the model might
might have different focus, such as transforming geometries, fixing
attributes or doing calculations. I think it could help usability if I could
group (in a visual box?) or colour the components accordingly. 
- In the tool "Fix geometries", I canĀ“t specify the type of errors to look
for and fix. That would help me understand the errors better.
- I would like be able to add a new algorithm to the model without having to
connect it to the other components directly. I would like to be able to add
an algorith for later consideration.
- Continuing on the previous suggestion, I would like to be able to connect
an unconnected algorithm (already added to the model) using drag and drop.
- I would like to see the number of features flowing through each
connection. That would help me understand the flow and potential errors
- When creating a new model, I often need to run a model quite a few times
to test it. Each time, I have to select input layers manually when starting
the model. Can I make QGIS remember the files I picked the last time?
- If possible, I would like to see OpenCL/CUDA support for algorithms. I
expect some of my tasks to be rather heavy (hours to days) and using the GPU
could potentially speed up the processing a lot.
- For some jobs, I want to zip the model output directly in the model. In
these cases, I might also want to add external files, such as PDF
documentation, to the zip archive. Support for that would be very useful in
corporate environments such as ours.

Should I open a separate ticket for each issue?



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