[QGIS-Developer] [Qgis-user] New Features in Shape Tools 3.2.0

Helmut Kudrnovsky hellik at web.de
Mon Oct 1 06:09:07 PDT 2018

>I'm struggling to work out where the difference lies between the code
>paths. Do you mind sharing the values from the st state struct when
>G_ellipsoid_polygon_area is called for this polygon?

delivered by Markus Metz, GRASS dev:

st->AE: 40408299984661.4
st->QA: 0.00446291999342754
st->QB: 2.68888340714427e-05
st->QC: 1.71432450253425e-07
st->QbarA: -1.00448998025995
st->QbarB: 0.0015057373196404
st->QbarC: -5.48062628444059e-06
st->QbarD: 2.44903500362035e-08
st->Qp: 1.00448998025995
st->E: 510065621153775

precision: %.15g

by adding a debug message in GRASS: in lib/gis/area_poly1.c add debug
messages in G_begin_ellipsoid_polygon_area().

best regards
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