[QGIS-Developer] Changelog for 3.4?

Régis Haubourg regis.haubourg at gmail.com
Tue Oct 23 06:01:52 PDT 2018

thanks for raising this issue Nyall, and many thanks to Tim for polishing
the projecta application.

I agree the changelog is pretty raw, but tho keep optimistic, it looks in a
better shape than 3.0's, where even with the commit message some features
were totally impossible to understand.
Concerning the lack of images, and user oriented comment, I totally agree.
This is a call to feature authors, it's now the moment to explain,
illustrate, cite and advertise the changes you brought. Leaving this on the
shoulders of other contributors is unefficient (and frustrating), just like
pushing a feature without the associated minimal documentation material is.

I would also say that we need to factorize a lot of individual entries. For
instance, all the mesh-layer related features would make a nice "one in
all" entry.

@PSC folks, we could add in the roadmap deadline to trigger call for
changelog and communication, and push systematic calls on our communication
channels. I'd be glad to help here.

I'll spend some time in factorizing the changelog, don't be surprised !

Best regards.

Le mar. 23 oct. 2018 à 04:33, Nyall Dawson <nyall.dawson at gmail.com> a
écrit :

> Hi list,
> I've spent some time this morning working on adding "shell" entries
> for all features added to 3.4 to the changelog. But honestly, the
> changelog is in horrible shape given that we're heading to release in
> a couple of days. Most entries are severly lacking detail, and we've
> almost no screenshots.
> This is a call to action -- please fix up your features and make sure
> their entries are nicely populated and correct!
> Also - I've got to say, I'm rather annoyed at how bad our FEATURE
> commit messages were during 3.4. There's way too many vague messages
> like "[feature] Improve handling of data" with absolutely no detail
> provided at all. I don't envy the job the documentation team has to do
> to find out exactly what the features are here. Really -- there's no
> excuse for this, it's just plain laziness on our (us developers)
> behalf and needs to change in 3.6.
> Nyall
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