[QGIS-Developer] Zoom to selected point (if only one point is selected)

Andreas Neumann a.neumann at carto.net
Wed Oct 24 01:27:20 PDT 2018


Given a layer with POINT geometries, if only one point is selected, QGIS
doesn't zoom to this point, but only pans to the point so that the point
is in the center of the map canvas. 

Now, I know that a single point does not have a dimension - but I still
think that the current behavious is not user friendly. 

As an example: if your zoom level is at the whole dataset (many
kilometers wide), and QGIS only pans to that single point, it is almost
impossible to find that point. 

How can we solve this issue? Here are my ideas: 

a) QGIS points to a fraction (say 1%) of the overall width of all layers
in the project and uses that 1% width and pans to the point 

b) The user can define a map scale that QGIS should use when zooming to
that single point 

c) a combination of a) and b): if b) is set in the project, use the
setting, if not set, use the mechanism of a) 

What are you thoughts? 

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