[QGIS-Developer] Looking for QGIS developers in the United States

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One of the things that a developer would need to do before we can deal with them is to fill out a "PAYEE DATA RECORD" form (Std. 204) form.  In this form it asks for this:

	Check only one box that corresponds to the payee business type. Corporations must check the box that identifies the type of
	The State of California requires that all parties entering into business transactions that may lead to payment(s) from the state
	provide their Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN). The TIN is required by the R&TC sections 18646 and 18661 to facilitate tax
	compliance enforcement activities and the preparation of Form 1099 and other information returns as required by the IRC section
	6109(a) and R&TC section 18662 and its regulations.
	Payees must provide one of the following TINs on this form: social security number (SSN), individual taxpayer identification
	number (ITIN), or federal employer identification number (FEIN). The TIN for sole proprietorships, single member LLC
	(disregarded entities), and individuals is the SSN or ITIN. Only partnerships, estates, trusts, corporations, and LLCs (taxed as
	partnerships or corporations) will enter their FEIN.

So, there should be no problem if you are a developer in the United States or an international open source company that has offices in the United States.

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There's no technical reason you need a US dev, or do you have issues letting
international contracts?


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