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Marco Bernasocchi marco at opengis.ch
Mon Oct 29 06:39:46 PDT 2018


On 29.10.18 10:01, Peter Petrik wrote:
> Ad: iOS vs MacOS. This is similar to running full QGIS on android
> device, vs running QField (or similar "reduced" application based on
> QtQuick). One thing is possibility to run something somewhere, other
> thing is if it is usable at all. I can imagine that it may be possible
> to compile and run QGIS on a smart fridge, but ... :)
I absolutely agree with you here, this is why I planned QGIS for android
as I did:
- first let’s get it to run on android with the same UI, port all the
base libs and do all the background work and get a decent version
functioning. QGIS for android just had basic optimizations for mobile
devices and touch screens (which btw were implemented so to allow any
touch screen to be used, and not only android) but was very well
received and funny enough we still get requests for updating it.
- Then shift the focus on the UI and UX and replace it completely. And
that Is why we created QField. We originally called it QGIS mobile but
quickly changed it to not go against the QGIS trademark rules.

> If we want to ship something official for iOS (or Android) on the
> official store(s), we would probably need to agree on some
>  application (&set of its features) based on qgis quick.
Where does the need for another official QGIS mobile application come
from? QGIS quick is based on the extracted core modules of QField so
they could be reused for custom applications.
QField has over 100K downloads, is fully open source,has pushed QGIS
forward by pushing things to QGIS core instead of just to the app. And -
foremost - is the origin of QGIS quick and could be ported to iOS with
the same distribution caveats like any other QGIS based app.

I’d really would rather see some more help coming to QField than
investing a lot of time to get to somewhere where QField already is.

Cheers Marco

> Cheers, 
> Peter
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