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Tim Sutton tim at kartoza.com
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> On 30 Oct 2018, at 15:08, Andreas Neumann <a.neumann at carto.net> wrote:
> Hi,
> Before we go to far with the discussion here, I would first ask all of the core devs if they really would like to do that.
> Without an agreement in place, the code is owned by each contributor separately. I know of quite a few core devs who are not keen on ceding their copyright to QGIS.ORG, if the goal is to undermine the GPL license.
> I am also not sure if QGIS.ORG is ready to prepare such an ownership agreement.
> Personally, I fail to understand what the benefits are, if we go this route. On the contrary - I think we are risking to loose many core contributors if we do that.
> Greetings,
> Andreas

Sounds like a good case for running a survey of the developers!



> On 2018-10-30 13:28, Denis Rouzaud wrote:
>> Le mar. 30 oct. 2018 à 01:44, Tim Sutton <tim at kartoza.com <mailto:tim at kartoza.com>> a écrit :
>> I think there are other things we could do, like introducing this non-retrospectively, so that any new code coming in is ceded to QGIS.org <http://qgis.org/> ownership and we leave whatever is in the code base as-is. Devs could cede their previous work to QGIS.org <http://qgis.org/> on an individual basis if they want to. Over time the bulk of the code may naturally become the copyright of QGIS.org <http://qgis.org/> (think version 10 here...)
>> It might be even worth starting it on parallel (as the above provess might take a year or more). The contributors curve has more an exponential than linear shape lately. 
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