[QGIS-Developer] Early 3.4 point release?

Matthias Kuhn matthias at opengis.ch
Wed Oct 31 03:59:29 PDT 2018

Hi Giovanni,

On 10/31/18 11:47 AM, Giovanni Manghi wrote:
> Hi Matthias,
>>> The problem here is the "known" part: if we had more testers on the
>>> nightlies during the two weeks before the release date, we would
>>> probably have catched some of these regression in time to fix them.
>> Agreed, the more testing the better.
> serious manual/semi-automated testing (of most functionalities, on the
> 3 major platforms, using multiple type/versions of QGIS and endpoints,
> etc.) is a full time job, I know because  I was lucky enough to have
> done it for a year and half. Without this type of effort we will
> always rely on reports sent in by people that find issues here and
> there while doing their normal workflow, which is ok but also has a
> good chance of not finding a number of serious bugs.

I am very much aware of the importance of testing in a structured way.
And I am very happy that we have a solid team of regular testers around you.

The limitation is that our current resources don't allow for employing
people to do more than that unless I am mistaken. So we are left with
less resources than a full-time job for that.

As a result of that, my proposal is aimed towards encouraging volunteers
to test as much as possible within the bounds of the available
resources. Tagging something as RC costs close to nothing but I have
hope that it helps to get more testing prior to a release.

If there's someone that comes up with a team of testers that is
available for serious structured testing, I'll be the last one to say no!


> cheers!
> -- g --

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