[QGIS-Developer] QField 1.0 Release Candidate 1 is out!

Tim Sutton tim at kartoza.com
Tue Jan 8 00:38:47 PST 2019

Nice stuff Marco and OpenGIS team! How about setting up a changelog project for is so that we can nicely follow the new features added over time (happy to help get that set up for you)?

Also out of curiosity what makes it a 1.0 release? I mean is there a specific featureset that you have achieved or is it more about a feeling of ‘production readiness’ that gives it the 1.0 badge?



> On 08 Jan 2019, at 09:28, Marco Bernasocchi <marco at opengis.ch> wrote:
> Dear QGIS community,
> It was a long and winding road but we are very excited to announce the General availability of QField 1.0 Release Candidate 1.
> Packed with loads of useful features like online and offline features digitizing, geometry and attributes editing, attribute search, powerful forms, theme switching, GPS support, camera integration and much more, QField is the powerful tool for those who need to edit on the go and would like to avoid standing in the swamp with a laptop or paper charts.
> With a slick user interface, QField allows using QGIS projects on tablets and mobile devices. Thanks to the QGIS rendering engine, the map-results are identical and come with the full range of styling possibilities available on our beloved QGIS desktop and server.
> We ask you to help us test as much as possible this Release Candidate so that we can iron out as many bugs as possible before the final release of QField 1.0. You can easily install QField using the playstore (http://qfield.org/get <http://qfield.org/get>), find out more on the documentation site (http://qfield.org <http://qfield.org/>) and report problems to our issues tracking system (http://qfield.org/issues <http://qfield.org/issues>)
> QField, like QGIS, is an open source project. Everyone is welcome to contribute to making the product even better - whether it is with financial support, enthusiastic programming, translation and documentation work or visionary ideas.
> If you want to help us build a better QField don’t hesitate to contact us.
> On behalf of the whole OPENGIS.ch team,
> Cheers
> Marco
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