[QGIS-Developer] QGIS as desktop/server ETL tool

johnrobot johnrobot at gmail.com
Tue Jan 8 13:04:44 PST 2019

I am interested in using QGIS (processing models) as our main tool for ETL
tasks, i.e. automate data extraction, processing and loading. Currently,
QGIS does not seem fit for the task, although it has improved a lot in QGIS
3. Basically, I would need:

a) Improved desktop functionality (there are several examples here,

b) A server component, including a graphical interface, so that I could
schedule some of these tasks and run them on a server without user input.

Currently, we use FME for all of these tasks, but since QGIS already is our
main tool for other GIS tasks, I think that making QGIS a first class ETL
citizen makes sense and would be of great value. How do other
users/developers see ETL is QGIS? Are there any plans on, say, a
crowdfunding initiative with an ETL focus? If so, our organization might be
able to provide some of the funding.



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