[QGIS-Developer] qgis2web development

Tom Chadwin tom.chadwin at nnpa.org.uk
Thu Jan 10 04:51:36 PST 2019

Hello all

Since all the work to convert qgis2web for QGIS3, I've done very little work
on the plugin. There is a growing list of issues, and I can't guarantee that
I'll get back to the amount of time I used to be able to put into it. I put
a shout-out on Twitter
(https://twitter.com/tomchadwin/status/1080476149896175616) and wrote a blog
post about it (https://tom.chadw.in/wrote/WhereNextForqgis2web). That got a
little interest, and some offers of help.

The reason I'm writing is to float the idea of a proper refactor of the
plugin codebase. Here are some unstructured bullets including reasons for
this, and ways in which it might be done:

- my assumption is that the code is of low quality (I was a Python beginner
when I started it), and the fundamental reason for this possible refactor is
my concern that possible poor code quality makes it harder for others to
contribute (this doesn't apply to the remains of Victor's code and Nyall's
subsequent work, obviously)

- I don't think I'm the right person to do a refactor, so I would be trying
to find someone else to do it, and it would therefore need funding (I'd
happily continue to help out voluntarily)

- OSGeo:UK might be prepared to help fund such work (initial discussion
only, so absolutely no guarantee)

- I could apply to the PSC for a QGIS grant for someone else to do the work
(as non-core-QGIS, would this be appropriate?)

- crowd-funding *might* be an option, but raising funds from end-users for
something as invisible as refactoring could well be hard

- Jo Cook (OSGeo:UK Chair) suggested I get qgis2web adopted as an OSGeo
Community Project, which could make OSGeo funding a possibility

I firmly believe that export from QGIS to webmaps remains an important
feature, and I have concerns that the lack of work on the plugin means that
it will start to fail.

So, time for a couple of specific question:

- Is anyone prepared to take a look at the codebase
(https://github.com/tomchadwin/qgis2web/)to give a more authoritative
opinion on whether a refactor would benefit the plugin (specifically with a
view to making it easier for other devs to contribute)?

- If a refactor is valuable, are any devs interested in doing the work, if
funds can be found?

- If so, broad indicative costing is going to be necessary in order to set
funding targets.

I know this could be seen as peripheral to the normal business of this list,
so apologies if it is too off-topic for any of you. It's just something
which has been of concern to me for some time.



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