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Andreas Neumann a.neumann at carto.net
Wed Jan 16 00:14:53 PST 2019

Hi Richard,

It is something to consider - I agree that we have a documentation crisis.

On the other hand - I never see any QGIS user reading/consulting that 
manual we provide (because it is hard to read a manual) - that's why I 
sometimes - if a question from a user about feature x is raised - I 
don't answer directly but point to the chapter in the manual - just to 
show users, that they should first read that manual, then Google and 
consult stack exchange and then only ask if the other information 
sources don't help. Or attend a course ...

Perhaps there are also other forms to consider besides the manual to 
reveal hidden features?

The visual changelog is a good resource to find out about new and hidden 
features - but even that is often only a title and no text and screenshot.

Let's discuss it in A Coruna at the meeting. Perhaps we should try your 
proposal, even if I expect some resistance from some devs/customers.


Am 16.01.19 um 08:42 schrieb Richard Duivenvoorde:
> Hi Devs,
> As I see we are in a "Documentation crisis" and seeing the comment below
> in a discussion (please do not take this personal!!!):
> """
> No. From my side it's no documentation PR planned at the moment. Feel
> free to do something and to take the stuff from my blogpost.
> """
> I think our project has to do something. Even throwing money at people
> (we did as PSC!) does not help...
> I'm really afraid QGIS will end up with a lot of HIDDEN features and
> possibilities. A lot of it's functionality is hiding because it isn't
> mentioned in the QGIS docs or blogs (maybe in other (company) blogs),
> but only in the code ...
> I do not want to be a PITA, but can we maybe add a mandatory requirement
> for a pull request that in case of a new feature the dev adds some
> mandatory Text and Images about the feature IN the PR?
> He/she can also ask a community member to do that by giving some interview.
> It is really NO fun for doc writers to find a [FEATURE] issue in the doc
> writing issues list. He/she has to start guessing how it was
> implemented, try it out, or google for some blogpost or start talking to
> the dev etcetc. Really NO fun if you want to work on the documenation
> because it takes so much time!
> I think implementing developer is just the best person to write one or
> two paragraphs (and add some images, hey he has also tested during
> coding isn't it?).
> In this way doc writing could then be just 'copy and paste' the text, do
> some grammar fixes and add images from the PR of the dev in the docs.
> I know a project like MapProxy handles it's PR's even more rigid: if
> Documentation is not part of the code PR, it is just nog pulled. It is
> easier there because they have text only docs IN the src tree; that is
> why I propose to do only text + images.
> I know this is an old idea, but seeing one dev asking about already
> implemented features to another dev was the drop...
> And I'm aware that you cannot prevent this anyway.... as nobody likes to
> RTFM :-)
> Regards,
> Richard Duivenvoorde
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> ...
> No. From my side it's no documentation PR planned at the moment. Feel
> free to do something and to take the stuff from my blogpost.
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