[QGIS-Developer] connecting to QgsNetworkAccessManagers signals

Richard Duivenvoorde rdmailings at duif.net
Fri Jan 18 03:10:49 PST 2019

Hi Devs,

I'm doing a simple small proof of concept of a minimal plugin which
connects to the QgsNetworkAccesManager.instance()'s signals to log the
requests that are fired and show them in de message panel.


This is going fine for wms and wfs requests or python stuff which uses
the same instance.

But other parts of QGIS apparently use another instances?
Or can there another reason I do not connect to their signals?

Eg for a WMS I see the GetCapabilities en GetLegendGraphic, but not the
actual WMS requests, while you can see them in the debug messages if you
have debug enabled.

Same with WFS and WMTS tile requests.

I think for the average OGC-service-user it would be good to be able to
see /try out the requests that are fired.

Or is my poc too simple :-)


Richard Duivenvoorde

ps WFS is showing the following in the Qt message tab:

WARNING    QObject: Cannot create children for a parent that is in a
different thread.
             (Parent is QgsWFSFeatureIterator(0x7f46ac05c7d0), parent's
thread is QThread(0x5610810f5860), current thread is QThread(0x5610890dadb0)

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