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Jorge Almerio jorgealmerio at yahoo.com.br
Fri Jan 18 11:07:32 PST 2019

You are right, but how to use "setEditorWidgetSetup" method?

>From doc reference:
QgsVectorLayer::setEditorWidgetSetup (int index, const QgsEditorWidgetSetup & setup) 	

The first argument is the field index, ok, it's easy.
But second is a QgsEditorWidgetSetup, I don't know how to create one.

My code:
pipeLyr = iface.activeLayer()
field_index = 3 #here just for test

I got:
TypeError: QgsVectorLayer.setEditorWidgetSetup(): argument 2 has unexpected type 'str'

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Ignore previous completely wrong answer! Sorry.

I think you call QgsVectorLayer::setEditorWidgetSetup() instead:



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