[QGIS-Developer] [Qgis-psc] QGIS 2.18 EOL approaching?

Tom Chadwin tom.chadwin at nnpa.org.uk
Mon Jan 21 01:10:19 PST 2019

Morning all

I wanted to check on this. If 2.18 is now "unsupported", and 3.4 is not yet
LTR (my understanding was that this happens when 3.6 is released), does that
not mean we have no current supported LTR? This is far from ideal for people
like me with a moderate LTR userbase. Should "old" LTR not continue to be
supported until new LTR is established? To put it another way, shouldn't the
last point release for old LTR happen on the day that new LTR comes into

I'm sure this is all just down to me misunderstanding things, but I don't
like the idea of having to choose between unsupported old LTR, or a version
which has not yet become LTR.



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