[QGIS-Developer] 2 questions on saving rasters in 3.4

Andreas Neumann a.neumann at carto.net
Wed Jan 23 23:59:43 PST 2019


I have two questions about saving rasters in QGIS 3.4: 


If I use "Right-klick layer" --> "Export" --> "Save AS" then I can't
choose the ESRI ASCII Grid format described in "Settings" --> "Options"
--> "GDAL" as "AAIGrid". 

Any idea why this format is not available for exporting rasters? 


As an alternative I can use the "Raster" --> "Extraction" --> "Clip
raster by extent". This works fine, but I can't set the number of
decimal places after the comma. 

E.g. if I export a terrain model I would like to use 2-3 places after
the decimal, not the full 8 digits, which is a false accuracy. 

Any way I can set the accuracy for the export? 


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