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I'm adding back the QGIS dev mailing list.

Le lun. 14 oct. 2019 à 08:29, VOLPES-EXT, Jacky <
Jacky.VOLPES-EXT at canal-de-provence.com> a écrit :

> I didn’t share any code because I don’t know how to be more clear… :/

You said your code is not working and/or not called. So without seing it,
it was confusing ;-)

> The objective would be to prevent the plugin to be uninstalled in our
> specific company context :
> I want every user to have a specific set of plugins already installed in
> their QGis environment so they don’t have to manage installations or
> updates of plugins (thanks to the QGIS_PLUGINPATH environment var, where I
> will install and update the plugins for them).
> But as a result, if one user decides to uninstall a plugin, it will be
> uninstalled for every user.

Seems weird to change every plugin you are going to install for them by
adding this flag.
So you are using a network share for all installed plugins?
Why not a read only directory?

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