[QGIS-Developer] Customize QGIS interface

bemlun lorenzo_alighieri at yahoo.it
Mon Oct 14 03:33:22 PDT 2019

I'm writing here to ask some questions for a thesis project. My ideas are
confused, but I'll try to be clear.

I have a GIS project that represents some historical goods in a region. Each
good has some attributes that describes the entity (like a date, a role,
etc.). My task is to create a list of queries (for example: select and
represents all goods that have a defined role in a defined time) and create
an interface, using QGIS, that allows to represent:

   1. A menu to choose the query,
   2. A form to input informations,
   3. A way to customize the presentations of results both into the map and
into a table.

I know that my question is too broad, but to be more clear I need:

   1. To know which tools allow to customize QGIS's interface (icons, fonts,
colors, all that is possible),

   2. Examples of QGIS projects where these two features are present: 1)
customized interface, 2) possibility to query.

To help I'll attach a sketch of how the interface should be. 


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