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Hi guys,

I found quite "difficult" to had OTB working within Processing. In Linux
I had to install (OTB of course) and another package (otb-qgis) and then
it appears in the Processing providers and seems now working.

This maybe a bug.

Otb-qgis package provides tools to generate descriptor files for otb alogirthms. 
OTB processing provider uses this tool only if it cannot find a descriptor file which should be in package by default. 

Good news is if there is otb-qgis package installed, it is able to create them on the fly and everything works.

A simple fix would be to add otb-qgis as a dependency to "otb" package. This must be done in debian package control!

> Are there any specific instructions to have it installed, also in Windows environments?

OTB  installation on windows is Download  and extract zip file from orfeo-toolbox.org/packages/

6.6.1 is latest https://www.orfeo-toolbox.org/packages/OTB-6.6.1-Win64.zip

You  can simply change location of OTB-X.Y.Z-Linux64 shown in README.md[1]  with  your OTB windows archive.

Add download and extract of OTB into qgis windows installer?. Can be optional like GRASS. So windows users won't have to go through any stuff.

> If yes, could it be a good idea to add these instructions in the documentation?

Do you mean in qgis documentation ?

Configuration instructions are detailed in README.md[1]. Maybe this could show as help dialog in qgis ?

Not just for OTB, other providers can benefit from it.


Cheers and thanks

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