[QGIS-Developer] [Qgis-community-team] QGIS documentation analitics?

Alexandre Neto senhor.neto at gmail.com
Fri Oct 18 05:27:32 PDT 2019

Hey Richard,

Good to "see" you. Can those apache logs be used to see which pages are
more visited?

Do you know if it's possible to create some google analytics for our sites?

I wanted to know what is visited, and what is not.

Can you forward me one of those emails?


On Fri, Oct 18, 2019 at 12:41 PM Richard Duivenvoorde <rdmailings at duif.net>

> On 18/10/2019 12.46, Alexandre Neto wrote:
> > Do we have analytics on our documentation pages? how have access to it?
> I'm not aware of that, other then Apache logs.
> Others?
> We (as: admin at qgis.org) every now and then receive a Google email that
> we can fix SEO things in their xyz-dashboard, but I never looked into this.
> Regards,
> Richard
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