[QGIS-Developer] Oracle tests in CI

Julien Cabieces julien.cabieces at oslandia.com
Wed Oct 23 10:09:38 PDT 2019

> Le mar. 22 oct. 2019 à 11:23, Julien Cabieces <julien.cabieces at oslandia.com>
> a écrit :
>> Hi all,
>> I propose a PR [0] to fix Oracle provider and its tests, and I would
>> like to enable running these tests in travis CI like it's done for
>> PostGis.
> Cool!
>> I succeed to build a Oracle 18c Express edition Docker image using Oracle
>> specific instructions [1]. I would like to push this image in a Docker
>> Hub (QGIS one?, an another one?) so it could be use from CI.
> I'd be in favor to keep the Dockerfile under the git repo so there is no
> diversion from the different branches we have the tests running on Travis.
> Otherwise, you'd have to push the Dockerfile per branch (similarly than
> what we do for qgis3-buill-deps)

I didn't mean to keep Dockerfile to build Oracle image in QGIS git
repo. I mean to push the built image in DockerHub so we don't have to
build it when running tests. Like it's done for PostGIs if IRRC.

>> According to this license agreement [2], it looks like this is legally OK:
>> "We grant you a nonexclusive, nontransferable limited license to use the
>> programs for: (a) purposes of developing, prototyping and running your
>> applications for your own internal data processing operations;"
>> Do I have a good understanding of the license agreement? Do you see any
>> reason to not enable Oracle tests in our CI?
>> To be complete, it would be probably necessary to copy QGIS Oracle
>> database files somewhere (like it's done for ccache) to be used at run
>> time in order to skip Oracle database initialisation. It's quite long
>> (around 5
>> minutes) and would slow down the CI.
> The ccache files are kepts in Travis cache.
> I guess you can fire up your Oracle database when tests are started (or
> even before QGIS is built) and there would be enough time for it to init.

OK, I'll try that.

Thanks for helping,

> Thanks for looking into this.
> Denis

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