[QGIS-Developer] Experimental version of Plugin

shiva reddy kotishiva at gmail.com
Wed Oct 23 22:08:15 PDT 2019

Recently I have uploaded the experimental version of my Plugin, While
stable version is visible, *experimental version* is not visible in *'manage
and install plugins*'. I have enabled support for experimental version.
Below is the details:

Plugin name: QRealTime
Stable Plugin version : 3.8
Experimental Plugin version: 3.9
QGIS version:3.8.3
OS tried: Ubuntu 18.04

Is this a bug or I am doing some mistake?
If it is a bug I would be happy to raise issue and contribute in fixing.

Thanks & Regards
Shiva Reddy K.
Scientist/Engineer 'SD'
Indian Institute of Remote Sensing,
Indian Space Research Organisation
Department of Space
4-Kalidas Road
mobile: 0135-2524126
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