[QGIS-Developer] News panel?

Matthias Kuhn matthias at opengis.ch
Wed Oct 30 00:21:29 PDT 2019


On 10/28/19 2:28 PM, Andreas Neumann wrote:
> Ok,
> Maybe, we just have to get used to this behavior, if this is, how 
> other apps do it ... Still strange though to me.
> One issue though: what happens, if we revise the content of the news 
> entry, just like we just did? Then the user has no chance in reading 
> that revised version.
I don't follow this completely. How is a user supposed to know that he 
will need to re-enable an item because it has been revised?

If we don't get things right on first public release, I think we have to 
live with the fact that some people will have never read this revised 

I have no objections against having the possibility to reenable read 
items, but I think we overestimate the importance because we tend to 
look at it from a publisher/debugging and not an average user perspective.

All the best, Matthias

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