[QGIS-Developer] Position on Qt wrt The QT Company announcements

Vincent Picavet (ml) vincent.ml at oslandia.com
Thu Apr 9 09:25:40 PDT 2020

Hi all, PSC,

Olaf Schmidt-Wishhöfer from KDE project has made a statement yesterday about a
really concerning situation regarding the OpenSource state of Qt.


TL;DR : using the argument of COVID-19 crisis, The Qt Company wants to restrict
a lot the opensource version of Qt, with a 12 months publishing delay even for
security patches.

Relations between The Qt Company and the OpenSource community degraded vastly
over the last month, and what was a balanced governance and economical situation
tends towards a stuck situation, with all OpenSource Qt users at risk of being
deeply affected.

The KDE Free Qt foundation is currently the organization defending free and
opensource access to Qt.


Given that QGIS is probably one of the most distributed Qt-based software
solution in the world, I think that we should take position in this situation.

My Opinion is that QGIS.org should clearly express a full support to the KDE
Free Qt Foundation, and send them an official public message.

I also think that if the situation evolves to a point where a Qt Fork becomes
the only viable solution to continue to have a free and opensource Qt project
with a balanced and open governance, then QGIS.org should also contribute to
financing the KDE Free Qt foundation yearly, so that they are able to hire
maintainers for the library.

I think that these points are decisions to be made by the PSC, and that there is
a certain urgency to do it.

Best regards,
Vincent Picavet

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