[QGIS-Developer] Please help with the changelog for 3.12

Paolo Cavallini cavallini at faunalia.it
Mon Mar 2 07:59:00 PST 2020

Hi Tim,

Il 01/03/20 20:21, Tim Sutton ha scritto:
> Hi
> That’s a bit of an odd question Paolo, I’m surprised that you would ask
> this….and also a bit surprising that Salvatore did this work without
> collaborating with us. The changelog we have built and operated for many
> years now allows for collaborative editing of entries in a structured
> way, properly edited for end users to read nicely and sorted into
> different categories with a feed that can be ingested into QGIS.org
> <http://QGIS.org> where it can be translated into multiple languages.
> And for the next release we will pull in the items automatically too so
> his work won’t really add anything that we don’t already have.

given the fact that we failed to deliver the changelog in time for the
last two releases I'm asking myself if perhaps we didn't do something
overly complicated, making it difficult for others to contribute.
If you believe we can recover full functionality in a reasonable time
span, please disregard my question. I did not mean to diminish the value
your work, of course.

Paolo Cavallini - www.faunalia.eu

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