[QGIS-Developer] Finalising the changelog for 3.12

Totò pigrecoinfinito at gmail.com
Tue Mar 3 07:19:47 PST 2020

To date, the features without screenshots or gifs are:

1. Deselecting tables when adding PostgreSQL data after add button is
2. Allow to delete custom label position DONE
3. Paint effect support for diagram renderer DONE
4. Load 3D vector layer data in background + tiling DONE
5. New layout item type: manually created fixed tables DONE
6. Add user control over scalebar numeric formats DONE
7. Allow layout attribute tables to be styled using the foreground and
background colors of matching conditional styles DONE
8. New algorithm "Rename table field" DONE
9. DXF Export Improvements
10. Support of Datasets Defined on Faces in QGIS Mesh Calculator
11. Package new layers to existing GeoPackage DONE
12. Add new algorithm "Detect Dataset Changes" DONE
13. New mode to "Join Attributes by Location" to take attributes from
matching feature with largest area of overlap only DONE
14. Add native affine transform algorithm for vectors DONE
15. Changed WMTS layer collection icon
16. Added Metadata URL property in the layer metadata tab for WMS / WMTS and
WCS services
17. Oracle curve type edition support
18. MBTiles raster support in WMS provider
19. Native PostGIS raster data provider
20. Support for Oracle curves and surfaces

I attach folder with screenshots and animated gifs,
the file name calls the feature.
are 10 rows; for the missing I can not be useful.

I notice that some features are missing, for example:
PR: https://github.com/pigreco/changelog312#add-search-box-to-layout-manager

 for anything else, do not hesitate to contact me

link: https://mega.nz/#!VVhmmSpY!GNXJLxiI0Iq5Pt_RGRD3ajvOgn6U1_DLIIsE8INqHo8


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