[QGIS-Developer] backporting nightmare

Matthias Kuhn matthias at opengis.ch
Wed Mar 4 00:15:07 PST 2020

On 3/4/20 8:55 AM, Denis Rouzaud wrote:
> From the docs, the bot supports
> * rebased/merged for single commit PR
> * squashed/merged for multi-commits PR
> (I believe squashed would work for single commit too)
> Matthias, are you saying we should just add -m1 here 
> https://github.com/Gaurav0/backport/blob/master/src/backport.ts#L107

Just tried.

It's not perfect in that it doesn't list the individual original commits 
in the new PR (as mentioned by Nyall).

But it works which I'd say is better than the (frustrating and tedious) 
situation we currently have.


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