[QGIS-Developer] GSoC project scope discussion

BELGACEM NEDJIMA gb_nedjima at esi.dz
Sun Mar 8 01:03:59 PST 2020

Hello QGIS developers,
I am Nedjima Belgacem, a fourth year computer science student at
ESI-Algiers (Ecole supérieure d'informatique), Algeria. I am willing to
contribute to QGIS project by working on QGIS 3D features as a part of GSoC
program and beyond. I am proficient in C++ and python, I have experience
working with Qt and OpenGL. I would like to ask some questions and document
myself about the capabilities of QGIS 3D.
1) Is there a written list of features that QGIS 3D has ? I don't see the
3D map view fully integrated within QGIS especially for scripting.
2) From the proposed project ideas list I saw in the QGIS wiki I feel like
we need to implement a graphics engine for the 3D map view that takes
MDAL data. I would like to know more about the already existing structure
of rendering and whether OpenGL is used currently or not. I read through
the docs but it looks a little confusing to me (lots of classes).
3) I find the navigation of the 3D map view quite hard to use properly (I
understand that's a problematic thing because I already had troubles with
that while making my own OpenGL graphics renderer). Do other people also
find that a problem ? I may try getting into that if you want.
Have a nice day :)
Best regards.
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