[QGIS-Developer] GSoC project scope discussion

BELGACEM NEDJIMA gb_nedjima at esi.dz
Tue Mar 10 19:42:57 PDT 2020

Hello Martin,
Thank you for your positive reply!
I just updated the GitHub repository with some screenshots of the things I
made with my graphics engine. I started learning opengl January last
year and didn't think I will have good results to share (I was just playing
around) and when I heard about google summer of code I figured it will be a
good chance to prove that I know how to code in C++ (despite some bad
practices I did there like the obvious awful cmake file that I only noticed
when I was writing the readme file 😞). sorry for not writing a proper
readme from the start, I will be glad to hear your opinion about my hobby
Link to the readme file: https://github.com/NEDJIMAbelgacem
I will be happy to discuss with you the list of features requested for
QGIS, I can start developing the features and familiarizing eith the
codebase before GSoC starts (even if I don't get accepted I think I can
learn a lot from QGIS code base).
Best Regards,

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