[QGIS-Developer] Understanding plugin management in QGIS - exposing QgsPluginRegistry to Python?

Sebastian M. Ernst ernst at pleiszenburg.de
Mon Mar 16 13:44:06 PDT 2020

Hi Oliver,

> I'd suggest drafting a QEP already, as adding support for pip/conda
> dependencies (which would be awesome !!) raises a few important
> questions (for example whether we have virtualenvs or similar on all
> systems, how plugins would declare their deps, how to deal with
> incompatible deps, or if we even go one step further and support
> distribution qgis plugin as pip packages, etc...). And there may be some
> other ideas around worth sharing at an early stage (such as proper
> multiple plugin versions support, also improving the plugin repository
> API - which by the way is also Python code, etc).

yes, I have considered writing a QEP. It is the important questions that
you have raised which make me hesitate to write a QEP just yet. I intend
to first experiment with different approaches and explore and test them
well before I'd even suggest going down any specific path. Having said
that, I am more than happy to hear about ideas on what should be tested
in this context.

Best regards,

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