[QGIS-Developer] 2020 budget proposal

Andreas Neumann a.neumann at carto.net
Thu Mar 19 14:50:09 PDT 2020

Hi PSC and contributors,

Please find the updated 2020 budget proposal at 


- as proposed by some (e.g. RĂ©gis) for 2021 we will discuss and approve 
the budget in late 2020. Makes more sense.

- I already took into account that the 1st contributor meeting was cancelled

- I added the Python cookbook expenses as discussed recently

- I added VAT reverse charge expense estimates

- In some cells you can find comments - the cells with the yellow 
triangles in the upper-right corner of the cells

I am awaiting your comments. Questions? Did I miss expenses that you see 
upcoming but haven't been taken into account?



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