[QGIS-Developer] pandas - 10.3 LTR python libraries

Christoph Franke franke at ggr-planung.de
Tue Mar 24 02:29:07 PDT 2020

Hey there,

i am developing a plugin for QGIS heavily relying on the *pandas 
*library. I was quite happy to notice that pandas was put into the 
standalone installation since 3.8. So there was no need to install QGIS 
via the Network-Installer with pandas checked anymore.

In 3.10.3 LTR pandas is gone again (next to lxml that i use too), in 
3.12 it is still included. Is there a reason that the dev-versions are 
delivered with different libraries than the LTR-versions? I think that 
is kind of confusing for plugin developers.

I would love to have pandas in the LTRs again.

best regards,


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