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I just received very good news, *QGIS server is now recognized as a OGC
reference implementation for WMS.*

It implies of course that it is compliant, but it also confirms we are free
of any charges concerning the certification process.

The certificate is publicly available here, with a badge (logo) that we can
embed in any other website:


The last two months where dedicated mainly to discussion with the OGC team
about how to affiliate or not to OSGEO organization, and if there was a
possibility to avoid pushing load on Venkatesh shoulders - just because the
webapp doesn't handle many managers per organization.

*What to do next?*

- A  post in blog.qgis.org. I'll draft something quickly and submit it to
Anita, is that the leanest way to do?

- Insert the badge in documentation and maybe website pages. Please let me
know if you are aware of specific locations to adress.

- Publish and relay the blog post in mailing lists, social media and other

- keep the work on certification process, and fix issues with the latest
TEAM Engine platform release. If I get it right, we should be able to work
on WFS via the grant applications ?

Concerning the relations with OSGEO, I think we must clarify with the OSGEO
board that we didn't choose to display QGIS as a separate organization, the
certification platform didn't let us too much choices.  Anita, what should
be the right way to do that, a public message on "OSGEO discuss" should be

Thanks for your patience all!

Best regards


Sorry for being short
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