[Qgis-psc] (QGIS 2020 Grant Report) QGIS Server, OGC tests and Continuous Integration

Paul Blottiere blottiere.paul at gmail.com
Thu Nov 12 01:57:57 PST 2020

Dear PSC,

Here is the report about the QEP
https://github.com/qgis/QGIS-Enhancement-Proposals/issues/175. All the tasks
described in the proposal have been implemented.

Firstly, a Python tool named pyogctest has been implemented to run OGC
tests in
command line for the WMS 1.3.0 testsuite and has been integrated with GitHub
Action in QGIS continuous integration mechanism to avoid regressions.

Secondly, the documentation chapter about OGC and conformance tests is now
up-to-date with an explanation of how pyogctest can be used locally for

Moreover, pyogctest is now also integrated with QGIS-Server-CertifSuite for
nightly tests. This way we have an homogeneous testing environment with CI.

Finally some legacy files for conformance tests have been cleaned up from
QGIS repository.

Thanks a lot for this opportunity, it's a huge step forward for QGIS Server

Paul Blottiere
QCooperative: https://www.qcooperative.net/
Hytech Imaging: https://hytech-imaging.fr/
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