[Qgis-psc] (QGIS 2020 Grant Report) QGIS Server and performance monitoring

Paul Blottiere blottiere.paul at gmail.com
Thu Nov 12 02:17:24 PST 2020

Dear PSC,

Here is the report about the QEP

The whole QGIS-Server-PerfSuite has been upgraded to use 3.10 and 3.14
side by side with 2.18 and master branch. Performances may be now monitored
daily with the latest releases. Moreover, a simple anomalies detection
has been implemented and a mail is sent if a regression is detected.

Several scenarios have also been added to compare performance with the same
data but relying on different providers (PostGIS, Spatialite, Geopackage and

Finally, a simple mechanism based on multiprocessing has been implemented to
simulate multi-clients situation. However, we don't have scenario based on
mechanism for now.

For those interested, the last report is available here:

In spite of the limited scope of scenarios, there're very interesting
Here is not the place to talk about it, but I'll communicate about it later.

Paul Blottiere
QCooperative: https://www.qcooperative.net/
Hytech Imaging: https://hytech-imaging.fr/
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