[Qgis-psc] (QGIS 2020 Grant Report) QGIS MacOS Package Improvements

Peter Petrik peter.petrik at lutraconsulting.co.uk
Thu Sep 24 03:31:41 PDT 2020

Hi PSC, devs,

I want to announce a detailed report for MacOS packages described in

We have addressed the tasks from the proposal except the notarization
process. We underestimated the work to be done in the grant and therefore
we spent all time (and much more) to address critical bugs in projection,
grass, saga, gdal, python and other parts of the MacOS packages. It looks
like the internal testing and tests by power users are becoming finally
positive, so I hope QGIS 3.16 MacOS package will be really stable and
useful. We added the note to the QGIS.org webpage about the workaround for
notarization for now.

The work resulted in these improvements for users coming in QGIS 3.16 MacOS
 - Refactored and finalized the QGIS-Mac-Packager to work without homebrew
 - Update to GDAL3, PROJ6, GRASS 7.8.2
 - Fix Grass, Saga, GDAL providers loading
 - Fix the bundle relocation. User would be able to move the installed QGIS
bundle to an alternative location (e.g. ~/Applications instead of root
/Application folder)
 - Fix issues related to _iconv library symbols when running GDAL
processing or other
 - Add QtDesigner executable into bundle, so users would be able to design
QGIS forms
- Inclusion of pip in the bundled python environment so users could easily
install additional Python packages into the bundled Python environment

On top of the grant tasks, we have added to the all-in-one bundle
 - qgis_process
 - qgis_mapserver (QGIS server)

The QGIS nightly builds are from today (
on the qgis-deps, as described in the grant proposal. Also QGIS 3.16 PR
will be released with this new system, so please test the nightly builds
and report any issues in the QGIS bug tracker, so we can address them
before the official release date.

Kind regards,
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