[Qgis-psc] Rethink using github discussions?

Nyall Dawson nyall.dawson at gmail.com
Sun Feb 7 15:20:11 PST 2021


I'd like to raise discussions about whether or not it's a good move to
be allowing the github discussions feature on the QGIS repo:


I may be pessimistic, but I just can't see this Stackexchange clone
gathering the same momentum and expose as gis.stackexchange enjoys. So
my concern is that by allowing users to ask questions here we are just
fragmenting the support base and will end up with a whole set of
unanswered questions on github, simply because there's no-one there
who is motivated to answer these questions.

In contrast, there's LOTS of informed users answering all the QGIS
questions on gis.stackexchange.

My summary:

Stackexchange: lots of users, including many from outside the regular
community. Almost all QGIS questions end up with a knowledgeable
answer (and if not, there's enough knowledgeable users to vote down
bad answers). Already a proven working system for end-user QGIS
support. QGIS is one of the most heavily used tags on the site, and
the good answers present QGIS in a very positive light.

Github discussions: basically no users, and the only ones looking are
a subset of the very small, overworked usual crowd. Not a single
question has an answer. It just looks bad and unmaintained, and
presents the QGIS project in the poor light of a stagnant open-source
project which no-one cares about.

Do we REALLY need this feature? Is there any compelling reason to keep
it active?


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