[Qgis-psc] Stripe donations on QGIS.ORG

Andreas Neumann andreas at qgis.org
Sun Jan 16 09:37:14 PST 2022

Dear colleagues,

I heard from one person who wanted to donate through Stripe.com from
https://donate.qgis.org/ and it did not work for him.

Then I tried myself - once it failed, the other two times on different
browsers (Chrome and Firefox), I had to fill in ReCAPTCHAs - quite annoying
- I have to say. Certainly not a good experience for our donors.

Is the ReCAPTCHA thing now a required thing from stripe.com?
Thanks if you could try it if it works for you (you don't have to donate -
just test).



Andreas Neumann
QGIS.ORG board member (treasurer)
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