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Quinta-Feira, 14 de Agosto de 2014 - 03:47:59 PDT

Bem, até me envergonho um pouco de fazer esta pergunta mas depois de guardar
o ficheiro .qlr como o carrego...?

Ao abrir um novo projecto limpo (sem nada carregado), pretendia ir buscar
este qlr para ele fazer o carregamento da tabela e dos estilos associados.
(já tentei de várias formas)

Pelo menos é o que depreendo que este formato faça, lendo o blog do Nathan:

"/*The Layer Definition file (.qlr)*
It contains: Layer source pointer + Style information

This newest feature, also in plugin form for 2.0 and 2.2, is a Layer
Definition file. This file contains the reference - or pointer - to the data
source plus any style information. This is like a the ArcGIS .lyr file,
although maybe not as fully feature rich just yet. The use case for this
file is simple: To have a single file to can open a data source bringing in
all the related style information. These files also allow you to mask the
underlying datasource in a easy to open file.

One of my use cases is to open MS SQL layers. Rather then having to go to
the MS SQL connection dialog, connect, select and load, then style. I can
simply add a .qlr file that points to the correct MS SQL layer pre styled.

In the future a .qlr file may hold a reference to more then one layer. The
Ordance Survey or Natural Earth stuff could also be done with a QLR in order
too allow just opening a single file."

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