[Qgis-us-user] Adding a legend

Joe Stepansky kq3f at comcast.net
Mon Jan 18 18:16:10 PST 2016

Hello everyone,


I'm pretty new to QGIS (Lyon), but have created some forecast precipitation
charts using shapefiles from US government weather offices. But I can't
figure out how to create a simple legend so a reader can match a color to a
precipitation total.


This has to be relatively straightforward, but I haven't been able to figure
it out. Selecting help didn't really help me, as it sent me to something
called Composer Manager.


I've already created a style which stratifies various precipitation levels
to colors, now all I need to do is create a legend reflecting that style.
But I can't find it easily, even though it's probably staring at me.  


Anyway, thanks in advance for any help.


Joe Stepansky

Harrisburg, PA

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