[Qgis-us-user] Parser error in Layers Properties>Labels?

David Noble noblevideoman at yahoo.com
Thu Dec 28 13:10:52 PST 2017

I goofed up my first email: file over 40KB and wrong Qgis version listed. Second try:
I'm a beginner with Qgis 2.14.21 on 64 bit Win 7.Using Lynda.org tutorial and their example data, I turned on Label function in Layers Properties and was able to input 2 field values, add a line and center it all.In my own project though, I can only get one field to show, eg the "YEAR".There is a parser error that prevents adding another value to my layer label: Parser Error:
syntax error, unexpected $end, expecting '('

Eval Error:
No root node! Parsing failed?
Screenshot attached in next email. 
Is this a version 2.18 bug? Can anyone advise me?Thanks,Dave
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