[Qgis-us-user] Parser error in Layers Properties>Labels?

David Noble noblevideoman at yahoo.com
Sat Dec 30 14:05:37 PST 2017

I found email address of Qgis course instructor with browser. He replied that number value has to be converted to string value via the function code: + to_string("YEAR"), so value can be displayed.I was eventually successful, but had to correct value selected in Labels window by going into Expression Dialog, deleting value name shown there and selecting it again from the menu under Fields and Values. Seems like a bug in the Labels window, to me. Number value will display as a label despite the parser error, but one cannot add another value to the label until the error is corrected.
-Dave Noble 

    On Thursday, December 28, 2017 1:10 PM, David Noble <noblevideoman at yahoo.com> wrote:

 I goofed up my first email: file over 40KB and wrong Qgis version listed. Second try:
I'm a beginner with Qgis 2.14.21 on 64 bit Win 7.Using Lynda.org tutorial and their example data, I turned on Label function in Layers Properties and was able to input 2 field values, add a line and center it all.In my own project though, I can only get one field to show, eg the "YEAR".There is a parser error that prevents adding another value to my layer label: Parser Error:
syntax error, unexpected $end, expecting '('

Eval Error:
No root node! Parsing failed?
Screenshot attached in next email. 
Is this a version 2.18 bug? Can anyone advise me?Thanks,Dave

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