[Qgis-us-user] qgis 2.18.10 - plotting points with angles and distances only (Azimuths and Distances?)

Nathan Garrett nathan.g152 at gmail.com
Tue Jan 30 07:08:57 PST 2018

Hello Everyone,

I apologize in advance if this question is a bit basic, but I am very stuck
here. I am plotting a 900 point archaeological scatter, and those 900
points were all taken as distances and angles from a transit. The exact
easting and northing of the transit was not taken from the field, but I do
have multiple other given GPS points. So, I should be able to get the
location of the transit from the vertex of two lines drawn back from the
GPS points, and then be able to plug in the 900 points (artifact locations)
based on that.

So the question is, how do I plot the unknown point (transit location)
based on two or more known points for which I have an easting, a northing,
a distance from the unknown, and the angle from the unknown? And second:
once I have the transit location, how would I calculate and plot those
other points as a batch, based on their distances and angles from the
transit, instead of inputting them individually?

Thank you so much in advance for any answers you are able to provide, it is
much appreciated.

Nathan Garrett
Fisher Archaeological Consulting
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