[Qgis-us-user] question about linking multiple data sets so they can be turned on/off

Dan Nichols dan.nichols at gmail.com
Sun May 12 08:28:24 PDT 2019

Not sure if I posted anything about this before but still looking for

I'm new to QGIS, obviously.

I've loaded a shapefile of a us congressional district, which spreads
across 3 counties
Next I have added shapefiles of voter precincts in those counties.
Next I have joined excel files of voter data from 2018 to the 3 individual
So I have the district and 3 county/precinct/data layers. I've added a
color ramp
so far all good, pretty excited at what I accomplished.

Now I want to add data from 2016
I understand I could join additional excel files, but then all the data
from both years would
be included. What I want is to be able to select/unselect the 2 years,
ultimately be able to add
additional data, such as demographics. Need to be able to turn on/off each
data set.

I got the impression somewhere I could save/export what I have so far,
start over? and do the same thing with the other data? but I'm not at all
clear on exactly how to do that.

Any help greatly appreciated.

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