[Qgis-us-user] Meeting in October 2019 in the Southeast US

Randal Hale rjhale at northrivergeographic.com
Tue May 14 08:34:59 PDT 2019

Good Morning/Afternoon QGIS US Users Group,

I'm hopefully going to hold a QGIS centric meeting in the Southeastern 
US in October 2019. Right now I'm trying to piece together an interested 
group of people and hold this around the Chattanooga TN area (which 
could be Huntsville, Chattanooga, Knoxville, Asheville, etc). It will 
probably be a 1 day meeting but depending on interest we could go more. 
I've held meetings (with the help of a lot of great people) in the past 
[1] centered around FOSS4G software and they've had quite a turnout with 
topics ranging from SAGA, LIDAR, QGIS, and PostGIS.

There is a OSGEO Listserv covering the SE US [2] and I'm preparing to 
pepper the list with information and put up a central location for 
information. I'm open to suggestions for a location. I'm hoping to nail 
down a date and location shortly so if you are so inclined join the 
listserve below and we can discuss. I'm open to sponsors and whatever 
else we might need. Usually the biggest expense for these meetings is 
food and snacks. Depending on interest we may need more than that.

So - look forward to hearing from people on this. I hope to pull this 
off and spread the word on QGIS through this side of the continent.



[1] https://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/Southeast_US

[2] https://lists.osgeo.org/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/southeast-us

Randal Hale
rjhale at northrivergeographic.com

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