[Qgis-us-user] My Latest Release: Area Weighted Average Plugin

Abdul Raheem Siddiqui abdulraheemsiddiqui at gmail.com
Sun Nov 14 11:58:49 PST 2021

Hi Fellow QGIS Users,

In July I shared a post about my Curve Number Generator plugin
<https://plugins.qgis.org/plugins/curve_number_generator/> and how you can
use it to get land use, soil, imperviousness data about any area within

*I am excited to announce that I have released another plugin that
calculates area weighted averages, a simple but frequent GIS task. The
plugin is called Area Weighted Average

I developed this QGIS plugin to save myself from doing Area Weighted
Average analysis in spreadsheets. It was tedious to copy-paste data across
GIS and Excel and I could not find any built-in tool to do this in ArcGIS
or QGIS.

If you are using Excel too to do this, you can also switch to using this
plugin. To explain how the plugin works I put together two videos that
explain the plugin usage.

*Example: Calculate Average CN for HUC-16 Watersheds Near Washington, DC*

*Example: Calculate Population Density for an Area of Interest in South
Carolina, USA*

Best Regards,

Abdul Raheem Siddiqui
abdulraheemsiddiqui at gmail.com | +1 206 693 9567

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