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It might help to know that plugins are often developed in people's free time so while a person might have seen the email, they might not have had time to answer. If no one responds via email and the project has a GitHub repository, it can be helpful to make an "issue" there (it's like starting a message board discussion), that way if there are multiple contributors to the project, more people might see it.


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Yes but unfortunately that contact never answered my email, sent out in October, that is why I reached out.

Is there anybody that I can contact for this issue?


Keith Jenkins wrote:

Hi, Francine.

It looks like the description for the Geoscience plugin contains a
contact address:
"Geoscience: Tools for Geoscience and ExplorationDrill hole
displayDrill hole sectionsConvert alpha/beta structure dataVector
toolsRaster toolsLocal grids Send ideas & requests to
roleyhill at gmail.com<mailto:roleyhill at gmail.com>"

For other plugins, you can usually find a contact via the "homepage"
"bug tracker" or "code repository" links below the description.


On Fri, Nov 12, 2021 at 4:24 PM Francine Fallara <ffexplore3d at gmail.com<mailto:ffexplore3d at gmail.com>> wrote:

Is it possible to be transfered to the person who updates the Geoscience plugin?

Is it possible to set automatization of the resulting tables updates?
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